How to remove wallpaper from your desktop

If you don't like how wallpaper looks on your desktop you may want to remove or change it.

This procedure is meant to be run on Windows XP operating system, but even if you have other version of Windows, it will still be very similar.

  1. On the Desktop click on the "Start" button.
  2. Browse opened options and search for "Control Panel" button. Click on it and new window will open.
  3. Search for the "Display" icon and click on it. This will open Display Properties menu for your Desktop. Display Properties allow users to change the appearance and look of the Desktop. This includes change of desktop resolution, font sizes, colors, screensavers and the wallpaper/background.
  4. On the newly opened menu click on the tab named "Desktop", which will show graphical representation of your desktop and few options about it.
  5. Look up the Background menu. Scroll up through the wallpaper choices available. At the very top of the menu is the option entitled "None". Select this option. This will remove any wallpaper attached as the Desktop background.
  6. Or you can choice other wallpapers that are listed there to change the current wallpaper

To completly delete and remove wallpaper from your system follow these steps

On the Windox XP there are few locations where wallpapers are being stored, and from where they can be physically competly removed.

  1. First location is C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper. Open your Windows Explorer and navigate to that location. Once you are there, change the View to Thumbnails, and you will see the wallpapers. Now you can right-click on the ones that you don't want in your system, and press "Delete" on the newly opened menu.
  2. Second location to check is C:\Windows. Open this location, and follow the steps from the previous paragraph. Just in this folder be careful with deleting files, as there are many important ones for the system. You want to delete only files with .BMP extension.
  3. And the third location that you would check for the wallpaper that you don't like and want to be removed is C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

If you come to some problem, or need help removing our wallpapers from your system, but above steps didn't help you, contact us via Contact page on our site.

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